The need for blockchain technology and distributed empowerment in healthcare is stronger now than ever before. BIHG increases awareness and educates healthcare stakeholders by engaging the clinical community and industry in proactive focused discourse across digital channels and live events, engages front line leaders in distributed ledger and blockchain case studies, and promotes action research among providers, payers, life science researchers, and health information technology experts. We also prioritize collaboration and participation as forms of real time education in order to create iterative learning opportunities that improve both human and technology processes across time. The BIHG education team teaches blockchain globally but helps you solve healthcare problems locally by learning in context. BIHG asserts that education is transformation and transformation through the use of blockchain to solve global healthcare problems will take long term sustainable teaching and learning approaches that adapt to local needs and conditions. We look forward to educating and transforming you!

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BiHG Webinar Series - 4/19 Event

Friday, April 19th, from 1:30-3:30PM ET, featuring Jim Nasr, VP of Technology and Innovation at Synchogenix, a Certara company, introducing OpenPharma (

Past Events

BiHG Webinar Series: 3/21 Event - The Rymedi Vision to Revolutionize Global Pharma, MedTech and BioTech

Blockchain in Healthcare Global ("BiHG"), a member organization of IEEE ISTO, is pleased to announce the Thursday, March 21st event in our webinar series, "The Rymedi Vision to Revolutionize Global Pharma, MedTech, and BioTech," taking place 11:00-1:00PM PST / 2:00PM-4:00PM EST.
BiHG is honored to feature the following speakers for this event:
1. Dave Stefanich, MS, MBA, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rymedi
2. Jason Cross, PhD, JD, MA, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Rymedi
3. Ruth Amos, RN, JD, Advisor at Rymedi, Partner at Cogent Law Group; Co-Founder and Board Member, Blockchain in Healthcare Global (BiHG)
4. Rick Kimball, Jr., Managing Member, Samphire Capital Management, Senior Trustee, The Brookings Institution
5. Mitch Parker, MS, MBA, CISSP, Executive Director, Information Security and Compliance, Indiana University Health System; Adjunct Lecturer, Purdue University, Health Informatics